Prof. Sieben currently leads the ocean sensors laboratory at Dalhousie. Dr. Sieben recieved his PhD from the Univ. of Alberta in 2008. From 2008-2011, he conducted pioneering research on microfluidic bio/chemical sensors at the National Oceanography Center in Southampton, UK. Subsequently, he spent 7 years in industry as a scientist commercializing microfluidics for Schlumberger.
Vincent Sieben Associate Prof., Ph.D., P.Eng.

Graduate Students
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Josh Creelman M.Sc. Student 2019-
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Morteza Hajati Ph.D. Student (co) 2020-
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Andre Hendricks M.Sc. Student 2021-
Sean graduated from Mount Allison with a Bachelors of Science in Physics in 2018. He has a strong theoretical and experimental background in optical systems and device fabrication.
Sean Morgan Ph.D. Student 2018-
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Shahrooz Motahari Ph.D. Student 2021-
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Benjamin Murphy M.Sc. Student 2019-
Cesar is a mechanical engineering undergrad who joined the Sieben Lab team in May 2018 and now as has joined as a graduate student co-supervised with Prof. Seto.
Cesar Rodriquez M.Sc. Student (co) 2020-
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Colin Sonnichsen PDF 2021-

Alumni Graduate Students

Raha Khosravi: M.Sc. ECE Student 2018-2020 Edward Luy: M.Sc. ECE Student 2018-2020

Alumni Undergraduate Students

Teo Milos: ECE Student 2021 Gabryelle Beland: ChemE CO-OP Student 2020 Katerina Panzica: BioMed CO-OP Student 2020 Luke LaFond: ChemE CO-OP Student 2020 Caleb Lo: ECE Student 2019 Mitchell Szeto: ChemE CO-OP Student 2019 Ben Murphy: ECE Student 2019 Josh Creelman: CompE Student 2019 Cesar Rodriquez: MecE CO-OP Student 2018 Andre Hendricks: ECE Student 2018